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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are Stars for signs and wonders?

                         the heavens declare the glory of God,
                         the skies proclaim the work of His hands.
                         Day after day they pour forth speech;
                         Night after night they display knowledge.
                         There is no speech or language,
                         Where their voice is not heard.
                         Their voice goes out into all the earth,
                         their words to the ends of the earth.
                                                                                     Psalm 19:1,2
     Recently,  in  church we watched an enlightening video called, "The Bethlehem Star".  the movie is a very thorough examination of the detailed account of the Christmas Star.  It is presented through the lens of scientific inquiry.  Though the author is not a scientist, but rather a lawyer; he uses his deliberative abilities to lay out line by line all of the astrological evidence that he's discovered to corroborate the account in the Book of Matthew.
   With the use of modern computer programs, graphics, and ancient texts; he is able to portray to the audience just what was seen by the Magi of the East at the time of Christ's birth.  The video is highly informative and would be well worth the hour of your time that it would take to view it.  It will certainly create for you a picture of a God who is much more involved in the mechanisms of the universe than you may have surmised Him to be in the past based on what you have been taught.
     Now with all of that being said, please indulge me to take you on a tangent of the aforementioned line of thought.  Here you will more than likely fall on either one side or the other of a theological fence.  God will either become very large to you in a way that he has never been before, or you will simply discount the scholarly work that I would encourage you to read as rubbish.  And keep God in a box of a size that you find most comfortable in which to house Him.
     The book that I would suggest that you take the time to read is an old one.  But, with the link that I have posted on the left side of my blog page you can access a PDF file of it for free!  It is located at on the web, look under Bullinger.
     As I said, this book is an old one that was written at the end of the 19th Century.  It was written by a well respected theologian named E.W. Bullinger.  The work is called " The Witness in the Stars".  I was so impressed with his work that I have taught it's precepts to two of my children, who in turned used it's concepts for science projects at their schools.  I find nothing in scripture to deny it.  Yet, the richness of his findings do nothing but make God seem bigger and more glorious to me than I could have ever imagined.  The Word of God states that, "the heavens declare His glory".  So, what could be more astounding than if we found that the gospel story was prewritten in the stars by our Maker, long before it was ever played out?  What IF we could find that people like Abraham and Seth could actually share God's word because, " night after night they display knowledge".  I know that for some this may be pushing it, that is why I say read the book and decide for yourself.  There is not enough space here to go into all of the detail.  Yet, wouldn't it be so grand if you knew that from Virgo ( the virgin) through Leo ( the lion of the tribe of Judah) it was all there all along.  That the final gesture of the story in the sky is the lion stepping on the Dragon or serpents head?  A constellation that encompasses about one third of the night's sky.  See the connection?
     Anyway, check it out for yourself, and you be the judge.  The Bible does show God as being proud of His creation.  Part of that wondrous work are the constellations as evidenced in: Job 9:9, Job 8: 31-33, Amos 5:8.

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