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Monday, July 9, 2012

Under water cities?..Buildings?..Has "climate change happened before??

     I love my Kindle.  It seems that you read a lot more with one than you did before it.  I think that's because it's like having a library or bookstore right at your fingertips.  Instead of having to leave the house or travel, you can access it all right there in the palm of your hands. 
       I met an older lady at Costco the other day who was going through the book tables.  She was writing down all of the titles of the books that she found had peaked her interest.  She told me that she was looking for books to read on her Kindle.  Since she had gotten one as a gift.  The ability to make the typeface larger, the cost of the books, and the Kindles bookstore accessibility made her trips to Costco a time more of title suggestions, than actual book purchases.  Boy, how times change.
     With that being said, this isn't a Kindle commercial.  Though through my own, I came across a very old, and curious scientific book.  In it's day, during Darwin's time; it was well known and was held in great authority due to it's author.  It is called, " Discourse on the Revolutionary Upheavals on the surface of the globe and the changes which they produced in the Animal Kingdom", by George Cuvier.  Boy, that's a mouthful!  You can see why it is not higher up in Google's listings.
     I will not bore you with the details that this influential French naturalist packed into his fascinating book.  But, if you have any scientific curiosity  whatsoever, and thought that Darwin was the only way, I would suggest that you take the time to read Cuvier's work from 1812.
     He espouses the theory of catastrophism.  Simply stated, it is that  the changes on the earth overtime come about by a series of unique general upheavals, rather than by slow, constant processes, or by local disasters.  He also "wishes to demonstrate, equally, conclusively, that the last such catastrophe was fairly recent ( a few thousand years ago at most) and thus that the present forms of human society are not nearly as ancient as many people have been claiming".
    Having been educated in the 60's & 70's, I had never been taught that there was any scientific thought that had even dared to contradict or countermand Darwinism, in any aspect.  Now, I find that there were academians like Mr. Cuvier, and others of his acclaim, contemporaries of Mr. Darwin, yet we don't hear anything about them.

     Yet, as a Christian the work of Mr. Cuvier in part does have a biblical ring to it.  The Word does talk about at least two large scale catastrophes of epic proportions. Both are listed in the book of Genesis ( Gen. 7 & Gen. 10:25). So in a time when, "global warming" and "Climate change" are all the buzz words, and mankind is the purported cause; could in all reality global change have happened before and will it happen again?  The Bible says that it has, and will again.  Science proves that it has happened before, and will more than likely happen again.  I would have to say that the Earth's ecosystem is far bigger,  far more resilient, and  way beyond our complete understanding even with today's wealth of knowledge.  So to state something as a fact pertaining to future events regardless of whether it's biblical based or science theory based, both are based on faith derived from different sources.
     I know that this is a much more weighty, and heady article than usual.  But, I have linked it to some news based articles and pictures that I know that you will enjoy.  They are ALL about long forgotten, long unheard of, long ignored man made structures that lie deep beneath the ocean's and seas around the globe.  The obvious question to be asked is, How did they get there ? and your own answers to that  question may just change your mind about castastrophism, and your interpretation of Genesis 7 & 10:25....maybe?

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