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Monday, October 17, 2011

Miracle baby, thanking God for an open womb

     I am going to share a story from a dear young couple that we know, who if it weren't for answered prayers and God's healing power, would not now be a family of three.  I will let the father tell the story in his own words.
      Everything about my daughter's birth was a miracle.  My wife and I had been trying to have a baby for five years.  We weren't overly concerned about not getting pregnant until my wife had an ovarian cyst rupture!  The hospital was able to help with easing the pain, but part of the diagnosis was that it would now be nearly impossible to conceive a child.  We spent the next several months visiting specialists being tested for our fertility.  In the hopes of a better prognosis for my wife's condition, and our dreams of some day having a family of our own.  
     My wife was scheduled to have an exploratory procedure to hopefully deal with some of the medical issues and allow us to conceive a child.  The fertility center warned that my wife may need one of her ovaries removed.  During the months leading up to the procedure though, we had two very significant and extraordinary events happen.
     Friends from our church took us to the Santa Maria Healing rooms for prayer.  It was a very powerful time of uplifting and comforting prayer. It helped to boost our spirits as we felt God's  love and care through the prayers  of healing  that were spoken over us.  The second event was on the day that we were told that my wife needed to have the exploratory procedure, and the possibility of having her ovary removed.   The church that we attend, The Gate Vineyard Fellowship was hosting a conference.  One of the featured speakers that night had a word of knowledge about healing.  My wife and I went forward in faith to have him pray for us.  As he prayed he called out in the name of Jesus that the ovary would not be removed, and the other one would come back like new, and we would be able to have children.  One month later, my wife became pregnant!
     When it was time for the baby to be born, we found that our struggle in faith was not yet over.  My wife's water broke on a Friday.  The labor went really fast initially.  By 8:30 am on Saturday morning, my wife was pushing, but for some unknown reason the labor stalled.  The midwives became very purposed, and serious.  The mood in the room grew very tense.  My wife and I were both praying very fervently at this point as the midwives worked with us.
     It was during this time period, that we both saw two angels. One stood at either side of the bed. It wouldn't be until days later that we would each get to share with one another what we had seen during this time.  Yet, when we did talk about it, we confirmed with one another that each of us had seen one white angel and one blue angel. 
     It wouldn't be until 11:30 am that our beautiful daughter was born.  As it turned out the umbilical cord was only 12cm. long!  So literally the placenta had to move down in the uterus in order for our daughter to have been born.
     It was three years later, as I was playing with her in the backyard that she shared with me an amazing story.  Out of the blue, she just started talking to me about going to "the Angels' house".  I was taken aback at first, and asked her please explain.  She said that the angels took her to their house, and that Jesus was there in red pajamas.  She said she could stay with Jesus, but she decided to come to be with us instead.  According to my 3 year old, the angels took her to us, and helped her "over the fence" and there she was!  I was shocked, and amazed.  We had never shared with our daughter any of the events that surrounded her birth.  Yet, in the language of a three year old, it lined up all too well.
     Everyday I look at my daughter, and thank God!  She is such a miracle, and a reminder of His love and grace.  I thank Him everyday.
     My friend and his wife truly know how the Lord is the Lord of the impossible, of healing, and miracles.  After all, He is God!  When I first heard the story, I was also curious about among other things,about Jesus' red pajamas?   Because I have only seen Him in paintings and pictures in a white flowing robe.  Yet, as I searched the scriptures I found my answer that a 3 year old had seen before her birth.  In Rev.19:13 it says of Him, "He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God". 


  1. Dear man of God, Holy Greetings to you in Christ Our Lord. I am a Pastor from India. Your Writings are Very Useful to Our Gospel Ministry. I and we pray to God That HE may Bless you Richly and Abundantly.I Pray to God That HE may use you as an Instrument in HIS Mighty Hand For The Salvation of The Pershing Souls. If you have any Direction from God, Please send me an E.mail.

    In Christ Alone.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful, uplifting event in your life. I believe children are closer to God in that they haven't been taught to disbelieve yet.

    When my son was killed in Iraq, his four year old son, Hunter, often spoke of his father being an angel and coming to check on him, telling him, "Everything would be all right." From the mouths of babes, it would seem, comes truth.