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Friday, September 9, 2011

Are we being governed by a divine timeclock?

     The following is not a study set in stone, but simply an amalgamation of musings that I have had for many years now.  So please forgive me from the start, if I seem to ramble down a rabbit trial or two, that is certainly not my intention.  I believe that there is a correlation between the rebirth of Israel, and a line of certain major events that have happened to the Jewish peoples over the last 100 years that seem to be playing themselves out along a delineated linear path.  I personally believe that there is so much importance to the rebirth of this nation-state  because it was foretold millenia ago by many of the ancient Hebrew prophets.  These prophets were also given much credence by Jesus Christ ,himself.
     It is a fact that no other nation in history has existed,  then obliterated, dispersed amongst the nations, then almost 2000 years later was reconstituted to live once again.  A  country that did not just end up as one of the Third World nations, but one that in only a generations time has become an economic and military powerhouse.  Even the most skeptical among us, would have to cast an enquiring eye towards this phenomenon.
     If anyone has ever read these Old Testament prophecies, you would definitely have to wonder if God himself was somehow directly involved in the orchestration of the overall structure of the history of the Jews.  If you unleash your own investigative curiosity, you might find that the current history of our 20th and 21st centuries are somehow uniquely intertwined with the state of Israel, and the Jewish people.  It has been said that when asked the question by Queen Victoria, " Mr.Prime Minister, what evidence can you give me for the existence of God?"  To which English Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli replied, " The Jewish people".  This conversation taking place even before the rebirth of the state of Israel, and all of the events of the 20th century.
     Now, that I have either enticed you to listen to my musings, or totally convinced you of my madness,  let us proceed.  As a student of history, I have observed a very peculiar relationship between major events that have happened to or have had a major effect on the Jewish people and the nation-state of Israel,  have occurred in the years ending in 7 or 8.  There are a couple of dates that seem out of place, but overall for the better part of 100 years the pattern holds.  Why?  There seems to be some kind of organized structure, and not just a random flurry of miscellaneous occurrences, like a chaos theoreticians dream.
     Again, I am not an expert in this arena.  Yet, my observations come from years of seeing seemingly coincidental events somehow coalescing, and pointing us in a particular direction.  I leave the verdict up to you, as to where this all maybe leading us.
  •      1897:    Theodor Herzl founded the Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland. Created to establish " a secure haven, under public law, for the Jewish people in the land of Israel"
  •     1907:  Chiam Weizmann ( who would later become Israels'  first President) establishes under the 8th Zionist Congress, the Palestine Office of the Zionist Movement in Jaffa, (Israel) Palestine.  As an outgrowth of Synthetic/Practical Zionism, they emphasized immigration, rural settlements, and education, all designed to aid movement of Jews to the land of Israel.
  •    1917: The Balfour Declaration.  In November of 1917, at the conclusion of WWI, England declared, " He majesty's governments views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national homeland for the Jewish people"  Britain was in control of the region until the establishment of the state of Israel.( except during WWII)
  •    1938;Kristalnacht in Nazi Germany. On November 8and 9th, began a series of attacks on the Jews that began the final solution.  Passports were cancelled, 200 synagogues were burned ( almost all that were in Germany), 30,000 Jewish men taken off to concentration camps, and unspeakable damage to both persons and property.  Then the community was fined by the government several billions of dollars for the clean up of the devastation.  On 11/11/38, Herman Goering announced that Hitler personally wanted " the Jewish question solved now, once and for all, coordinated one way or another".
  •  1948  The nation of Israel is established.  This same year the PLO was created by Yasser Arafat.
  • 1967, June:  The Six Day War.  This war of survival resulted in Israel recapturing East Jerusalem.  Giving the Jewish people free access to the Temple Mount for the first time in almost exactly 1900 years ( Temple was destroyed in 67AD by the Romans
  • 1973  Yom Kippur War.  This war of survival brought the Superpowers attention to this region in a big way.  President Nixon had our forces on their highest nuclear alert to deter Soviet intervention.
  • 1978  The Camp David Peace accords created a long standing peace treaty, and economic cooperation between Israel and Egypt.  Who had been mortal enemies since 1948.
  • 1987 The First Intifada was begun by the Palestinians to turn world opinion against the Israelis.  The terror organization Hamas ( which now runs the Palestinian Government) was created.
  • 1998:  The Clinton Administration more than others before really pressed the issue of Palestinian sovereignty.  Through his term held many meetings, and reached accords all designed to further these means.  This year was really the beginning of the peeling away of US/ Israeli unity over these matters.  The State Dept. in '98 officially recognized the West Bank  & Gaza as one political,economic, and legal entity.  The US Treasury ordered that all imported goods from the region, shall NOT have the name of Israel anywhere on the products. This is also the year of the Wye River Memorandum which Israel implemented, and Yasser
  •  2008  The election of President Barack Obama and a decidedly anti Israel stance as compared to past American foreign policy began.  The emphasis now weighing in on the side of the Palestinian cause as opposed to the US's long term ally.  This was also the year of a world stock market crash that was the beginning of a credit contraction not seen since the 1930's
  • 2011 ?  Since this year is 7 years prior to 2018, we can only wonder if something significant will start now, that will some how culminate in 2018.  Whereas 7 years is an important number in Bible prophecy. And the year 2018 will be 120 years since the concept of returning to a secure Jewish Homeland was conceived.  It will be 70 years after the birth of that State. It will be some 50 years since the Jewish people had open access to the Temple Mount, and at the same time 70 years since the rebirth of the nation.  For those whose ears are in tune, these numbers all have a significance; to others they may simply be a jumble of numbers like any other, strewn across the rocky paths of our lives.  For me, I would be pricking up my ears to hear..

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