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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A World Adrift......Christmas the lifesaver

     Ever increasing taxes, war, rampant sexual immorality, infanticide,corruption, self absorbed political figures, the poor getting poorer, and the rich living it up..... sounds like the headlines, right? How about first century Jerusalem.  Yup, that was the world that the humble babe, Jesus was born into long ago on that cold Bethlehem night.  He came as a babe, Immanuel, God in the flesh.  If we can truly grasp that, I don't mean to just  acknowledge it as simply some sort of religious-mental theory or paradigm.  Does it change anything?
     If we do own it, it can and does; if we simply agree with it as a form of religious tradition, it bears no weight at all on our current world and life.  The world around us will wax and wane through periods of good times, and abysmal horror.  But through it all, a statement was made, and action was taken, and power was given to truly change things through both the good times and the bad.  It is the message of Christmas.
     Jesus is not simply the babe of  Christmas whose coming was foretold even thousands of years before his physical birth.  He is also the author of salvation, grace, healing, deliverance,freedom, peace, the gate to Heaven, and in years to come the physical ruler of the globe from Jerusalem.  IF, you believe that, then it does change everything....through both good and  bad times.
     He gave power to His followers through the Spirit, to be like scouts, sentries,and advanced tactical forces to establish beachheads, gain territory, create regional and transitional spiritual governments throughout the Earth.  All showing that His love, peace,joy and healing power are humanity's gift to obtain.  The plan fails when we settle and give up the mandate.  When we disregard orders from our commander in chief.  When we just live for ourselves because it just becomes...easier.  He never promised easy.... He promised, victory and eternal life.....never easy!
    So this Christmas, try looking at that humble manger in a whole new light. Look at the world around you, and see if you have laid down your mandate, disregarded orders, and let's be honest...just given up, and given in.  There is a new year coming.  It will be tough, and a lot of unknowns for all of us to encounter.  be we do know that we can reach out to someone who has a plan, and has our backs.  Our Heavenly Father did not risk it all based on a gamble that there was going to be a plan B.  Christmas to be secular, is " not about ribbons, it's not about tags, it's not about packages, boxes or bags!.....perhaps, it's about just alittle bit more?"