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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are their Angels watching over you?

     A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in the Blog about psalm 91.  I had suggested that it could even be used as a prayer of sorts.  Of course, that would be in form only, and not as a "formal prayer" in and of itself.
     It is good to let the thoughts of how God protects, and watches over us sink into our soul.  The whole theme of how he covers, delivers, and guards us; are all things worthy of prayer and meditation. I also particularly like how it says that, "He will give His angels charge concerning you".
      What a comforting thought!  We don't use the word "charge" much anymore.  Except in it's limited financial meaning.  It means, " to entrust with a duty or responsibility".  So let's read Psalm 91:11 again with that meaning in mind. 
       " for He will give His angels the duty and responsibility to guard you in all your ways"
 Wow, what a powerful and and comforting thought!
     As I was continuing to read through the Book of Psalms, I also came across this gem.  It adds even more punch to an already amazing train of thought.  It comes from Psalms 103: 19-22. 
           " Bless the Lord, you His angels
             Mighty in strength, who perform His word,
             Obeying the voice of His word!
             Bless the Lord, all you His hosts,
             You who serve Him, doing His will "
   It shows me that angels are actively involved in carrying out God's will and word. 
 It gives me a sense of security to know by faith that God and His kingdoms hierarchy are actively being engaged for my benefit.  Watching over me, my family, and all who call upon his name, to perform His word.
     There are many, many times when I know that just as in the Book of Acts, that the Lord dispatched an angel for our safety and benefit.  Our family makes it our custom before we travel to pray and ask for God's protection over us, our vehicles, and instill in us good driving skills.  We trust that he hears our prayers.
     There was one particular time that set us in this frame of mind several years ago.  Our young family was driving in our compact car in Southern California.  We were in the middle lane of the heavily congested, yet fast moving traffic on the 91 freeway.  Like some kind of six lane co joined behemoth of individual cars all cruising at highway speed, we all coursed the beltway through Riverside county together.
     Then it happened.  For some unknown reason, a couple of cars directly in front of us stepped on the brakes.  Then the multiplier effect happened, and six lanes of brakes lights flashed and stayed on as the once shimmering sea of cars came to an abrupt halt.  We responded to the split second notice of danger.  At the same time having no idea how the multitudes of cars who had been traveling at highway speed directly behind us would respond ?
     I have always heard that when you get into an accident, survivors all say that time seemed to go in slow motion during the event.  I know that for me it did.  All I remember is our car jerking to a stop, and then going into a spin.  In that moment, you just wait for the impact.  Yet it never happened.  We did at least one maybe two spins, and came to a solid stop facing the oncoming traffic, all six lanes!
     Words really can't put those seconds into a succinct sentence or paragraph.  Other than saying that you get a stunning sense of relief and utter perplexity that overwhelms your being.  We simply took what were probably only a few momentary seconds to register the mental imagine of a freeway full of headlights and grills staring us down in a united wall, a mere 20 to 30' from our front end. The look into each others eyes, knowing that there had to be angels all around us.  Their charge kept, making sure that not only we, but that everyone around us was kept safe so that they too could make their own journey home.
     We put the car in gear, made a 180 degree turn from the middle lane of the freeway, and then proceeded on our way.  A nervous laugh, then thankful praise filled the car.  We knew that even in a moment when it doesn't seem like you have a second to pray, He has already dispatched those who are assigned to keep charge over us!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cardboard testimonies...Do you have one?

     In church on Sunday, a good friend Pastor Sid preached.  He always has an uplifting, and encouraging message to share with the body of believers.  During the course of the sermon, he had us all watch a video entitled, "Cardboard testimonies".  In a day and time, when we are all exposed to the sad plight of so many who have come to the place of relying upon a cardboard sign to make their plea for help heard.  This video takes that idea, and turns it on it's head.
      It uses the concept of taking a simple cardboard sign, and sharing with those who read it, the testimony of what God has done in their lives.  These signs, like those of the street corner herald, challenge us with their message.   Only instead of asking,; these signs shout the story not of inability, but of God's supreme ability!  Not of lack, but of provision. They shout a new reality in a world of hopelessness.
     I searched YouTube and found the video that pastor Sid showed us last Sunday.  I was also amazed to find that many churches have stumbled upon this very same idea, and  have obviously used it to present their own  fellowships with the good news of Jesus.  How He can and does change lives.  I happen to have chosen for this Blog a different video for you to watch.  Not for any other reason than  that I liked the mellow music better, and you could see the big smiles on the peoples faces clearer.  I am an easy target for a real "feel good" movie.
     But, as you watch this short video, please, please do not let the serious nature of the message be lightened by the soft music and warm fuzzies.  Let the compassion of the heart of the Father sink in to your heart, so in grateful remembrance you  too may create in your mind what YOUR cardboard testimony might say?  And if you don't have one?....let Him write it for you, in His blood, and by His grace!