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Friday, May 4, 2012

" He will deliver us from the Assyrian".....Micah 5:5

     In previous postings, I've shared how it's my belief that based upon an alternative view of the scriptures, there's a distinct possibility that the Antichrist will be a Muslim.  Yet, in our current Church mindset questioning the status quo seems almost heretical by some sects.  But, when scripture is not emphatic on any one point there is the possibility of alternative views being valid.  Most 21st century Christians are not even aware of the fact that a pretribulation rapture eschatalogical view of itself has only been around since the mid 1800's.  But, hearing the way that some teach and preach  this view, you would think that it was an established fact.  Now, it may or may not actually be how the future pans out.  And, I am not posting here to insist on one particular view, but rather to ask the reader to search the scriptures for themselves and ask the Spirit to guide them into all truth.
     This posting in general is an update for those who are following this proposed alternative end times scenario.  Back in November, when we did our first teaching in the church.  We raised the points to keep an eye on Egypt and Syria.  At that time those countries were both in the midst of the upheaval of the Arab Spring.  Currently, after several different elections Egypt is on the verge of having the Islamists consolidate all working power in the country.  Beware of how our American news media reports which parties, and which candidates are "moderate".  Then search those parties, and candidates yourself and see if you agree with the slightly leftist slant of our journalists.
     All during 2011, our President and Secretary of State supported an applauded the democratization of Egypt.  But, as we are seeing happen before our eyes this country will eventually become more and more radicalized.  I would say that in the years to come, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the new Egyptian government completely abandons the Camp David accords.  Whether by official government policy, or simply by looking the other way while allowing surrogates to act on their behalf in this matter.  I strongly believe that how fast or how slow this happens will be directly impacted by the American Presidential elections in 2012.
     The next country to look at was Syria.  I believe that as I said back in November it is only a matter of time before Syrian President Assad is gone.  Syria is a very important country, and will go Islamist because it figures heavily in Bible prophecy.  It is also given an important place in Islamic eschatology.  It is from there that the Islamic Jesus will come back to Earth.  Yes, you Christians heard me correctly!  Muslims believe, probably more so, than most Christian churchgoers that Jesus is literally coming back to Earth in the last days.  According to their traditions, he will land in Syria.  So it is a logical conclusion, that today's " moderate dictatorship" that currently runs that nation will eventually become more radically Islamic.
     Though in the realm of geopolitics events seem to come in fits and starts, they also like waves on the ocean, still continue to move forward until they eventually reach the shore.  We may have seen a lot of movement in 2011, that has seemingly drifted out of the headlines.  But, according to this interpretation of end times events, eventually all of the moderate Middle Eastern nations will fall to become part of a larger Islamic Caliphate of sorts.
     It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to contemplate what this turning of the tide would do to that region of the world, our global economy, and the effects that it would have on the state of Israel.  So, a praying Christians, we must always adhere to the Lord's request for us to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem".  And because He is above all the Father of all, remember too to pray that the light, and love of His grace shine in the hearts of all mankind so that they see Jesus as their saviour first, before they see Him as their judge.
   The Assyrian in Scripture,

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