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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A 72 hour Miracle! God is amazing His wonders to behold!

Sunday morning, we had the joy of hearing a dear sister share her testimony of His miraculous love and healing power. Her joy caused the whole congregation to erupt in a rousing chorus of cheers and applause for Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you could even ask or think. I will let her share her story.
” I went for my annual mammography exam. Being blessed with good health, I had no apparent reason for concern. The day after the exam, the hospital called. They told me that the x rays has shown an abnormality in my right breast. They told me to report for further tests the next morning.” This is the call that everyone dreads. There are few moments in life when time itself can seem to stand still. We seem to become held in a void as the world waifs around us. This was one of those moments.
” My family has a generational history of breast cancer. My mind had the opportunity to review each trying case. But, in the face of fear, I chose to activate my God given faith, and face the giant and slay him. I willfully chose faith. Because faith and fear are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist.
I felt the desire and leading to take my battle and burden to the Lord in prayer. As a born again, Spirit- filled believer in the power of the cross of Jesus and His glorious resurrection; I knew instinctively that there was no better place for me to rest than in the arms of a loving God. Placing myself at His feet at the Throne in prayer, I knew of no safer place to be for the rest of that day.
I am blessed to attend a church of anointed teachings, all based on the living Word. I bathed myself in God’s love. Soaking in all that I had known, all that I had learned, and all that He spoke to my heart during this intense time of prayer. I have learned through the trials of life, which have been used to refine my character. To head towards resting in Him, and not always run to asking, “Why?”. You see disappointments in life are inevitable, but discouragement is optional!
My faith liberated me as i spoke, believed, and received all of the promises that my Jesus had for me. I did not focus on the fear and knowledge of what had been my family curse. Instead, I stood on scriptures like: 2 Cor. 1:20for all the promises of God find their yes in Him”, Romans 10:17 ” faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”, Isa. 55:11 ” His word never returns void”, and many more..
The next day came, when I was to go back to the hospital to review what had been diagnosed, and have further tests. I will tell you that during that long hard drive, the eventual waiting room experience, and further tests; I did not feel down. In fact, I was uplifted by the buoyancy of worship and praise rising from the depths of my spirit. I had clad myself in the armor of God ready to do battle against things both unseen and unwanted. Like the story of King Jehoshaphat of old, (2 Chron. 20) I was not to fear or be dismayed for the battle was not mine, but God’s!
The following day, I found myself once again seated in the doctor’s office as the pronouncements of the tests were to be read. I had had 3 sets of intense X-rays, and an ultrasound. They wanted to be absolutely sure of all of the test results. These were very professional people. My doctor and radiographer have 20 years of experience in the field of mammography.
As the verdict was to be read so to speak, there was a curious twist. They asked me my name, and social security number as a means of double checking my identity. I have never had that happen before? The tone and inflection of voice was one of a questioning nature instead of that of an emphatic self assured medical professional. I was beginning to wonder what this was all about?
As I sat there they calmly explained to me something that they had never seen before. But something that I had been contending for in faith for the last several days. They said that all of the tests showed that the “significant” lump, which was so clearly visible on the first X-ray, taken just 3 days ago, was gone! I erupted with joy and praise. I shared with them how it was Jesus who had healed me. Though, cool professionalism had them view my happiness and faith as nothing more than relief from what had been previously diagnosed. Yet, even they had to admit there was something of an unexplainable nature that had occurred in my body that had been verified my medical science.
As our friend shared this testimony of a wonderous 21st century miracle, we all shared in her joy. And because God is no shows no favoritism, you too can rest assured that he can do the samething for you. Be open in faith to the testimonies and stories of healings and miracles. Because it is when we open our hearts in faith to what He has done, that is when we sow the seeds of faith upon which can grow the miracles of tommorrow in our own lives, and the lives of others.


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  2. That is awesome!! Way to go Jesus!! =D