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Friday, December 30, 2011

An Alternative End Time scenario..Launching NEW Video WayfarersQuest

     Since the beginning of the year, I have been increasingly aware of books, videos, websites, and teachings that opened my eyes to some new possibilities as to how the end of days would actually pan out. Even though it was not in line with what I had been taught in Church for the last 20 + years, I did find that it lined up with more scriptures than the current end time scenario did.  I know that this is a controversial matter.
       There are several  major scenarios as to how the world will end  according to current eschatalogical thought .  After spending the better part of 2011 learning about what I have come to believe is a real possible theory based on scripture;  I have had the opportunity to start teaching it in Church.  Because I am not a theologian, simply someone who wants to know the truth and know that my faith and eschatology are based on scripture and not conjecture, I searched and researched my current way of thinking until I felt that it was just as viable and sound as that which I had been taught for so many years as viable and sound.
    As with any teaching, I challenge you to search, research, and study what it is that YOU believe about how time as we know it comes to a close.  As a Christian, you will have to take a position because Jesus left you no alternative.  I have entitled this whole series, "An Alternative End Times Scenario", simply because it is NOT what you have been taught for the last generation or two.  Yet, I hope that you will at least be stimulated into putting on your thinking caps and maybe rehash and reevaluate what it is that you do believe in this arena?
     Again, when I started on this journey to establish Wayfarers Quest I wanted to not only provide great testimonials about God's grace, love and power in todays' world.  But, I wanted to create an overall site that would be a large repository of tools for Christians to use and to be stimulated to share with others about God's grace, love and power.  If our faith is to mean anything it should be one that helps usher in God's Kingdom on this Earth so that He is glorified.
     This teaching series as others in the Wayfarers Quest video casts will be tools to share as well as stimulate thought and maybe even cause some to awaken from spiritual slumber.  I hope that you will enjoy our efforts, this being our pilot episode.  Current Caliphate NEWS!

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