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Monday, October 31, 2011

Multiplication, God's way!

     Wine has been around since the beginning of time.  We find it first mentioned in the Book Of Genesis.  It has been both enjoyed, and abused.  Jesus's first recorded miracle is that of changing water into wine.
     By faith, believers readily accept the account of the wedding at Cana as the start of a life of walking in healings, miracles, signs and wonders.  Whether it was by a prayer offered up, or the command of His word; the molecular value of H2O turned into the sweetest wine that the party's host had ever tasted.
     Can you wrap your head around that?  Molecular change!  I guess it would be just like the time when man was fashioned out of the dust of the earth.  Only, on a less complicated scale.  Yet, what do I know? since I find it hard to get cooking recipes right.
     The other miracles of molecular change recorded in the gospels are those of food replication.  You remember, the taking of a few loaves of bread, and a couple of fish, and then feeding thousands of dusty,weary,hungry travelers after a lengthy sermon.  How does that happen?  It is so hard for our minds to grasp the idea.  So sadly, we then dismiss the reality of it.  Because it is our hearts, and not our minds that accept things by faith. Yet, when we hear of such truths in our own day.  It begins to stir our faith once again.  Recently, a good friend of ours, a winemaker no less, shared with us her amazing story of multiplication God's way.
      2011 was not a good year for the wine country of California's beautiful Central Coast.  More than usual rain, and a harsh cold snap, were not good to the vines and budding grapes early in the season.  Growing the spectacular vintages that this area is known for around the world, takes that special combination of rain,cool, heat, soil, and lots of hard work.  Grape yields this year by a general consensus in the industry were off by between 40 to 50% !  That is not good news were you need lots of product as well as sales to survive.
     For a small winery like our friends', it takes both hardwork and faith to get through each year, and come through with a good profit.  Facing dismal prospects, and the flurry of negative news that was echoing through this verdant valley, they thrust forward with trust in God.  As harvest drew to a close and the process of getting the sweet scarlet liquid into the rows and rows of oak barrels for it's hibernation to become wine; the vinter noticed a curious trend.  One that was running against both expectations, and the realities  all around them.
     Last year was one of the most productive for this little winery.  They produced over 1300 gallons of wine., a banner year.  Which was again their expectation for 2011, that was until the temperatures fell, and the rains came.  Based on that reality, they had readjusted their plans allocating only enough barrels to hold the projected vintage.  But, as the liquid concoction was being poured into the oak casks, she took note that though the harvest was less they had a problem.  They were running out of barrels to store the liquid gold.
     They filled up all of the barrels that they had on site for this years crop, yet they had NOT run out of wine.  Then came the scramble to get more barrels because of this happy, yet unexpected predicament.  They were able to get a hold of some more, and then began to fill them up.  First one, and then another, and then another,etc; all of them able to hold 65 gallons of the fermenting grape juice. 
     Now they did not necessarily call upon God for a miracle like that of Elijah and the widow.  But, what they do, and do faithfully is live for God one day at a time.  They pray and trust in Him for their provision and His favor.  This year, that is exactly what they got! You see when all the other wineries in the area got less harvest, less production, and less barreled  wine; they got more.  With a third of a ton less grapes, they were able to produce more gallons  per ton. In fact, they were able with all of the odds stacked against them to produce the same exact amount of fermenting grape juice as their banner year of 2010!  That is a God who is more than enough.


  1. an awesome story of God's faithful provision, even when dark clouds surround. Praise the Lord!

  2. Great post...thanks for sharing! We do have a great God!