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Friday, August 12, 2011

Angels are never off duty!

You have certainly heard the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction.  I for one, believe that this saying is true.  For there is more to this world that we cannot see, than what we can see with our natural eyes.  The incident that I am about to share happened about 2 years ago.  To this very day, I cannot explain how the actual event transpired.  The one thing I do accept in my heart is that I believe that somehow angels were involved.
     It all came about when I had to deliver some paperwork to a local business.  Admittedly, I was in a hurry, trying like most of us to cram too many chores into a space of too little time.  I had pulled into the parking lot, and parked next to two other vehicles.  There were no other cars located to the left of mine.
     I gathered my papers together, and hustled off to the office complex.  I was in there for about ten to fifteen minutes.  Satisfied, that I was now able to cross one chore off my list.  I bounded out to my car.  The problem was my car was no longer in the parking lot.  Quickly, I went over the whole scenario in my mind.  I scanned the parking area.  Yes, I did park in that space!, I said to myself.  And yet, there was no vehicle there in the space between the set of painted white lines.  A great sinking feeling gripped me as I considered the inevitable, " my car had been stolen!"
     How in such a short period of time had they managed to pull of such a crime?  The parking lot was small, with a wall in front of the parked cars, a florist shop behind, and the office complex from which I had just exited.  How in 15 minutes had they come into this area and drove off with my car?  I walked closer to where my SUV had been to get a better feel for the scene of the crime.
     It was while I was standing in the middle of the lot that I saw it, my car.  It was now located some 50 feet away; snugly backed into a spot that was between a small wall, a tree, and a busy street.  I could not believe my eyes.
     I immediately ran over to the vehicle.  It was unscathed, perfectly parked, and no motor running.  I didn't know what to think?  I quickly looked around for anyone who might have seen what had just happened.  Someone who could hopefully explain it all to me.  The next thought you think is that this has to be a prank.  You begin looking for Allen Funt and the hidden cameras, but there were none.   It could have been that in my rush to get my papers delivered, I may not have fully engaged the parking brake.
    But still, my car had within that 15 minute period done an amazing bit of driving, all by itself!  On a parking lot surface that was only barely graded , it had backed itself out of the parking space, navigated itself in an arc around two other parked vehicles.  Then, ever so deftly, slipped itself into the only safe location near the entrance of the parking lot, between a small cinder block wall, and a tree.  Coming to a stop, on it's own, on the sidewalk that abutted one of our cities main thoroughfares.  As I did a double , and yes, maybe a triple take; I was aghast at the multiple possible negative outcomes to this stealthy adventure on the part of my car.
     You see about 16 feet directly behind where my vehicle was originally parked, was another vehicle, and the plate glass entrance to a florist shop.  The cars that were originally located to the immediate right of my SUV were left completely untouched.  The entrance to the parking lot dipped down slightly, which could have easily  propelled my car onto the busy main street.  The cinder block wall, and the tree were both considerably solid enough to stop and damage even the slowest of moving vehicles.  It took a moment to mentally grasp what I was seeing in the flesh, and what my mind was trying to comprehend.
     It was a full glass and metal miracle!  Now, I don't claim to believe that an angel came and started up my car, backed it out, and in a divine state of whimsy parked it in such a precarious place.  What I do know is that God's hand was working to help preserve our family's valuable asset, our car, that He had given us.  Whether or not, He chose to use an angel, I don't know?  But, any person seeing what I saw that day would know in an instant that something most unusual had just occurred.
     When I think of all the potential endings of this event, even deadly ones, I shudder.  But, then contrasting those with seeing how perfectly, and peacefully this selfsame vehicle came to rest, I am amazed.  In regards to this whole very memorable episode, I choose to believe that I had experienced protection, favor,and interaction of a heavenly kind.

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