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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Power of Prayer...healing power is for Today!

     In Church we are going through a scripture by scripture study on healing.  Not a doctrinally based, or theologically based study, but a study of scripture itself; seeing what the Bible says or does not say on the subject.  It has been encouraging, uplifting, and challenging because even today in churches we are taught more about God's limitations than His desires and capabilities in this area of life.
     What never ceases to amaze me is the after effects of such a study on the people who hear the word.  Just last evening, we had two people testify about being healed through prayer. I firmly believe that the Lord can act wherever, whenever, and however He sovereignty chooses to act.  Yet, I also know that stirring faith in His ability to act by soaking in the scriptures can have much the same effect.  After all, His word is living and true.
     One woman came forward to share how she had been healed of a large tumor several days ago.  The cyst was growing on her right hand after she had injured it a few months ago.  She had been praying that God would heal it.  Yet, during the same time it just keep on growing and was causing discomfort to spread up her arm.   It had reached the size of about 3 inches long by 1/2 in height when she and her husband decided that they should have it checked out by a doctor.  The doctor told her that the condition could be remedied by surgery on her hand.  She asked if she could have alittle time to make the decision being that he would be operating on her right hand. 
     This was all happening during the same period of time as our church study.  Now, she was always a believer in God's ability to heal, and had been healed before.  That is why she had been contesting for her healing now through prayer.  Yet, as the discomfort in her arm increased, she found that surgery might be the best bet for immediate relief.  But, her spirit was still being stirred by the Wednesday night classes.
     When she awoke on Sunday after a good nights rest, she noticed that her arm was not bothering her anymore.  She looked to her hand and noticed that the cyst was gone!  The skin that had been stretched to cover the tumor was now taut and smooth.  She was overjoyed at God's grace and healing in her life. 
     A man also testified that he had had a bothersome foot condition which was going to prevent him from having a wonderful time with his visiting relatives, during an all day outing at an Amusement park.  He found that the pain that morning was hindering him from even crossing the parking lot at the entrance to the place.  He did share that he had been wrestling with this ailment during the week prior to the visit.  But, he thought that he could work through the discomfort so as not to spoil the time of bonding with family.
     Much to his dismay the pain was winning out, so he paused in the parking lot to inform everyone of his plight, and ask for prayer.  He did not want this situation to ruin the rest of the day.  So they all gathered around and asked the Lord to heal this foot condition.
     The gentleman told everyone that he would hold back at first, and urged them  not to allow this situation to hinder their fun.  Later that day, in a moment of reflection, he noticed that all of the pain was gone.  The condition which had bothered him for many days was now healed.  He was now able to thoroughly enjoy the remainder of his time with the family.
     I  personally know of a case outside of this period of time where a young boy was healed from wearing prescription glasses.  His eyesight was getting worse, and the glasses that he was wearing were not strong enough anymore. He was scheduled to go to the optometrist to get checked for a more current prescription when God intervened.  The boy was a believer and knew that Jesus could heal him.  He attended a church meeting with a special speaker who walks in the Holy Spirit with a gift of healing.  This boy wanted his eyes healed, and not have to get new glasses.  He felt that he should ask this man for prayer regarding the matter.
     After the service, he boldly approached the young speaker, explained his physical ailment, and asked for healing prayer.  The minister complied.  They prayed, and then the speaker pulled a book off the shelf and asked the boy to read it.  The words on the page were now crystal clear, his eyes had been healed. 
     The boy was so excited at the miracle that he quickly thanked the minister, and ran out of the room to show his mother what God had done.  The minister gave a bit of a laugh, still not quite sure of the healing due to the boys speedy exit.  But, he surmised that God had done a good thing, so he put the book back on the shelf.
     Healing is for today, just as much as salvation.  You see in some of the New Testament scriptures the same original word is used interchangeably in the English.  That word in the original Greek is Sozo.  Because it is God's will for all to be saved and all to be healed, read Luke 5: 17 - 26. ( Check out: Mark 5:23,Luke 8:36, Acts 14: 9 - 12, the word is Sozo, "saved/healed")

     The one thing that I would like to add is that the glasses that appear in the picture at the top of this blog, are the very ones the little boy has no longer had to use since the day that he was healed. Praise the Lord.

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